How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Most menus have an English option, and English is widely spoken. A little knowledge of Serbian amd key phrases do help though. The embassy offered language tutoring for a cost. - Sep 2019

None. I took classes, but found it difficult to practive as basically everyone speaks English, at least in Belgrade, but even outside of Belgrade. Serbians are very good at languages. Otherwise, lots language schools and tutors at affordable prices. - Jan 2019

Not much at all - barely anything, in fact, as most Serbians, especially in Belgrade, speak perfect English. It can be a bit frustrating, in fact, when you are trying to learn the language. Finding tutors is also very easy and affordable. - Dec 2018

Serbs speak English very well. You can get by without knowing Serbian, though it is nice to know at least a bit. I communicated nearly solely in Serbian, and being able to do so greatly enhanced my experience. However, I don't think I ever went to a single sit-down restaurant that didn't have an English menu. - Sep 2015

Knowing the language is very helpful, but you do not need to know Serbian to communicate in Belgrade. - Aug 2015

It helps to know some -- I appreciate that I have it when taking taxis, calling taxis, ordering food, and shopping. But people are helpful and everyone in the service industry speaks English, so you can get along without Serbian. Reading some Cyrillic is also helpful. - Aug 2015

In Belgrade, not a lot. I came here with no language skills and was able to find people who spoke English almost everywhere I went. I did end up taking classes so that I could more effectively navigate taxis and the green markets. You won't find as many English speakers outside of Belgrade. - Aug 2014

Many Serbs speak English but its very nice to have some, definitely at the green markets. - Aug 2013

The younger generation tends to know enough English. Older folks may not. We have used it little so far. - Apr 2012

Definitely need some if you ever plan to leave Belgrade. Even within Belgrade, most people over probable 45 speak limited amounts of English. - Nov 2011

Very little, you will find a lot of people in the city who speak some English. - Jul 2011

Not a ton of English spoken here, only amongst the younger people. Learn some Serbian as you go ("Kako se cashe CHICKEN?" = How do you say CHICKEN?). - Nov 2010

Not a lot - you can usually find someone to help you communicate in English, especially if they're under 35 years old or so. - Jun 2010

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