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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Extremely reasonable. A wide variety of housekeepers, nannies, and a preferred local babysitting agency. - Sep 2019

Most expats have cleaning ladies, but rarely on a full time basis. Nannies are readily available. The hourly fee paid by most expats turns is 5 Euros. - Jan 2019

Cheap. Expatriates usually pay around 5 Euros an hour, and that's much more than the local ongoing rate. Most expats have a cleaning lady, some have help for their children, or a housekeeper. A lot of them speak English, or German. Serbians are very, very good with foreign languages. - Dec 2018

Nearly all those who work for American families charge 5 euro/hour. Most people hire either Serbs or Filipinas. - Sep 2015

Plenty. But it does cost 5 euros per hour. - Aug 2015

Widely available. People working in the U.S. Embassy community get 4-7 Euros/hour, people working for local families a little less. Domestic help that speaks English or European languages is widely available and good. - Aug 2015

Lots of highly-qualified applicants are available. The going rate for housekeepers and nannies is about 5 Euro/hour in the American community. - Aug 2014

Americans tend to pay 4-5 Euro per hour for nannies and cleaners, its a bit higher than what other expats pay and I think if you hire someone full time you could offer a monthly or weekly salary rather than an hourly salary that would break down to less than this cost per hour. - Aug 2013

We have a good housekeeper part-time. Cost is about 6 Euros/hour. - Apr 2012

About US$3 per hour. Very good and cheap. - Nov 2011

It costs about 5 euros/hour. You can find English speaking help. - Jul 2011

I've heard it's allright, around $10/hr. - Nov 2010

Not bad. I have a maid once a week for major stuff, and it's about 30 Euros. - Jun 2010

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