Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

I had a local number on a SIM with an old phone, and also kept my Google Fi service on my US phone. - Sep 2019

Local provider. Telenor, first, but then I switched to VIP with a pre-paid plan to avoid bad surprises whenever I crossed a border. - Jan 2019

We used Telenor at first, but after a couple of really bad surprises (massive fees when I crossed the border, even though I had deactivated roaming), I decided to get a pre-paid sim card with VIP. It was OK. Most expats used Telenor, though. - Dec 2018

Post-paid plans through the embassy are super cheap. Bring your own phone, though. Good data connections. - Sep 2015

Easy to get and several choices. - Aug 2015

Many people bring an unlocked iPhone or smart phone and get a local subscription. Smart phones are more expensive here, but the subscription and data plan is cheap. - Aug 2015

No. - Aug 2014

No, I think anything goes, you can find them at the grocery stores, small phone stores, in the malls etc. - Aug 2013

Good coverage, cheap price. Bring your own cell (expensive here) and get a SIM card. - Apr 2012

Cheap, pay as you go. - Nov 2011

Texting is mandatory here. - Jul 2011

Pre-pay for minutes, using VIP or Telenor. VIP customers talk to each other free. - Nov 2010

Everybody has one - learn how to text! - Jun 2010

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