Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes. - Sep 2019

Yes, yes, and yes. - Jan 2019

Yes. There is the occasional pick-pocketing in buses, but overall, we never had any issues. Nor with taxis. Belgrade is a very safe city. - Dec 2018

All public transportation is safe, affordable, and easy. Many android apps exist showing routes, times, etc. You can call ahead for a taxi (there's a large selection), and they usually arrive within three minutes. If you hail one on the road, though, you have a good shot at being ripped off. The taxi companies speak English, and some accept requests via text. Taxi rides are cheap: to/from the airport costs $15 - $20. Train travel is slow and not worth it. - Sep 2015

Never took trains but I was told they are not great at all. I took the bus, tram and taxi and felt perfectly safe. - Aug 2015

Trains are slow and generally not the best way to travel. Inter-city buses and public city buses and trams are fine. There's a good online website to help you map your trip in Belgrade. However, buses get crowded and don't have air conditioning, so can be pretty uncomfortable in the summer. Taxis are safe and affordable - about US$20 to the airport (30 minutes), under US$10 almost everywhere in town. They use a meter, and while I've been ripped off once or twice, 99% of the time I've gotten courteous and fair drivers. - Aug 2015

Buses and taxis are both safe and cheap. Buses are crowded and get very hot in the summer. There have been a few reports of people getting ripped off by taxis, so, like in every place else, make sure that the meter is running. Regional trains are cheap but extremely slow. - Aug 2014

Yes and yes, but they can get very crowded and hot in the summer. - Aug 2013

Extensive and safe public transportation with buses, electric trolleys, and trains. Many employees ride the bus to work. - Apr 2012

Affordable and safe. - Nov 2011

Safe, Yes. Buses are always extremely crowded. - Jul 2011

Trains go everywhere in the region and range between $20 and $50 one way to various countries which share a border. Buses and Trams require you buy a $1.50 ticket and punch it while on board yourself. This leads to an honor code for purchasing a ticket, which is not enforced much. Every now and then someone gets on (I've only seen it twice) to check for tickets. If you don't speak Serbian, they won't want to deal with you. Taxis are sometimes good, costing anywhere from $8 to $12 from most places within the city. Calling ahead usually nets you a 20% discount on the fare. Beotaxi and Lux are very good. - Nov 2010

Buses? Yes. A little crowded, but OK. Taxis? Yes. Better all the time and fairly cheap. Trains? Give it 20 years to upgrade the system. There is no metro here, although it's been a pipe dream for decades -- it's more like a running joke now. - Jun 2010

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