Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes. I never has a problem. ATMs are common too. I used them if out in a pinch, but had a preference to use the Embassy cashier so I could get exact bills. - Sep 2019

Yes. No issue. - Jan 2019

Yes, yes, and yes. - Dec 2018

Their use is pervasive. Even if you get a dollar espresso, they will ask if you want to pay by credit card. Credit card payments are made table-side, so no worries about stealing or cloning. ATMs are everywhere and safe. - Sep 2015

I used my credit card everywhere I went. ATM's are fine as well. - Aug 2015

I haven't had any problems other than my bank cutting off my card from time to time. - Aug 2015

Large grocery stores and restaurants generally accept credit cards. Some smaller establishments don't. There are numerous ATMs all over town. - Aug 2014

We use them all the time, but try to leave tips in cash always. - Aug 2013

I have used the credit cards at many restaurants and shops without any problems. - Apr 2012

Never tried. This is primarily a cash economy. Credit cards scams seem to be a problem. - Nov 2011

Same caution you would use anywhere. - Jul 2011

No problems. Banks and ATMs are everywhere. If you buy a car here, you have to pay in cash. This means withdrawing cash in batches from your ATM if you have a withdrawal limit. Then you need to exchange your money for Euros to buy a car. Most ATMs charge between $2 and $5 per transaction. VISA charges $5 and 2% for all credit and debit transactions. - Nov 2010

There are ATMs on every corner downtown. And they are 99% are safe to use. Cards are being used all the time now in restaurants. Another big difference in 5 years. - Jun 2010

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