Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are lacking in some areas as are elevators. - Sep 2019

Yes, as sidewalks are used by cars to park, for instance. - Jan 2019

Probably not the easiest city to move about if you are disabled or in a wheelchair. - Dec 2018

Public transportation is frequent, and most buses (if not all) accommodate wheelchairs. Sidewalks are wide in the main walking areas of town, but in smaller neighborhoods cars park on them. - Sep 2015

Yes, they would. Busy city, potholes, side walks are narrow. - Aug 2015

Yes - where sidewalks exist, they are broken up and cars park on them. Many buildings don't have working elevators. Public transportation is not accessible. You could do it, but it would be tough. - Aug 2015

Yes. Sidewalks are rough and often covered in cars, so it would be difficult to navigate them with physical disabilities. - Aug 2014

It would be challenging, sidewalks can be in rough shape in some areas and cars often park on them (meaning it can also be quite hard to get around with a stroller in some areas). - Aug 2013

Newer facilities such as malls do have some accommodations. - Apr 2012

As long as you drive everywhere, you should be okay. The sidewalks are terrible and non-existent in many places. - Nov 2011

Sidewalks are for parking, not walking. Buildings are old and the elevators can be really small. - Jul 2011

There are good walking areas which would be accessible by wheelchair. - Nov 2010

This wouldn't be my first choice, but they are working on things like access ramps. But it would still be a little tough, I think. - Jun 2010

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