Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It is a great city for everyone! - Sep 2019

For anyone, but singles are bound to love it. Belgrade is the party place! - Jan 2019

Good for everyone. Single people who like to party will have an absolute blast. It's good for families because there is much to do and see. And it's safe. Easy. - Dec 2018

I think it's a great city for everyone. As a single woman I loved it. My friends with kids also loved it. It's more of a family post than I expected, considering the fact that Belgrade touts itself as a great nightlife destination in Europe. Everyone can find something to do in Belgrade. - Sep 2015

Yes, yes and yes. This city is awesome for all because it has so much to offer to everyone. It is a hidden gem - not esthetically speaking - but as far as quality of life. - Aug 2015

This is a great city for all of the above, but the U.S. embassy community has skewed towards families with young kids the last few years, and only a few singles or couples without kids at post. That said, for people that like to go out Belgrade has fantastic nightlife and clubs, good restaurants, and also plenty for kids to do especially in the summer when you can be outside. In winter, even kids' places can get smoky inside. - Aug 2015

Belgrade is good for all demographics. Plenty of things to do for the singles/couples crowd - restaurants, nightlife, cultural events, museums, etc. For families, the local culture is extremely child-friendly, so there are numerous indoor/outdoor playgrounds, arts and crafts, etc. - Aug 2014

Great for all! Apparently some of the best nightlife and clubbing in Europe for singles and those that like a good party, fantastic restaurant scene for everyone, excellent parks for families, most people we know here are very happy regardless of family demographics. - Aug 2013

Yes for all. Families with kids love the neighborhood and easy/tranquil life. Singles/couples live in the city which has a more active lifestyle. - Apr 2012

Great for everyone. The suburbs are loved by families. The neighborhood is safe and kids can run around on their own. Tons of clubs and restaurants for singles and couples. - Nov 2011

There is something good here for everyone. - Jul 2011

Everyone will get along ok, but singles may enjoy this city the most. - Nov 2010

It's good for everyone. The only problem I've ever seen is American wives who resent the care that Serbian women put into their image. - Jun 2010

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