Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

No advantage to living in Khartoum, other than you can save money due to the lack of items to purchase and lack of nightlife. - Feb 2018

It's a good place to save money, if you don't travel a whole lot. There's nothing to spend it on. - May 2017

As of right now, the compensation package is a great incentive. Also, the politics and history of Sudan make your work truly interesting. - Nov 2016

It is a peaceful, relatively quiet city. People take care of each other and strangers are helpful. - Oct 2016

The money. But since you can earn more at a PSP, there really is no reason to come here. - Mar 2016

As an embassy employee, one earns a good deal more than his base salary. American embassy employees currently earn their base salary PLUS 50% hardship and danger pay, plus a COLA. Specialists also earn overtime pay. If you do not like cold weather, then the hot and dry weather in Khartoum can also be considered an advantage. - Jun 2015

Saving money. - Mar 2015

Gorgeous blue skies nearly every day, great winters, camel treks, Nubian pyramids, inexpensive restaurants, camping in the desert, saving money. - Apr 2014

Saving money! - Jun 2011

If you are with the Government, you get danger pay and post differential here which comes to a pretty hefty sum each month. Khartoum is probably the safest city in Africa. The Sudanese take Islam very seriously and crime is very, very low. - Apr 2010

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