Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are restaurants, but you’ll need to investigate carefully to find ones with good quality food prepared using appropriate health standards. The two most popular restaurants with expatriates are Ozone and Assaha. Some of the pizza places, such as Debonairs, deliver. Your stomach will let you know which restaurants you can go to more than once. Because of the security restrictions in place during our tour, as well as the fact that food eaten out was simply forgettable, most people did a significant amount of cooking and entertaining at home. - Feb 2018

This is a post where people learn to cook for themselves. There are a couple of Lebanese restaurants and one Italian restaurant that would satisfy a basic palate, but by and large, if you enjoy good food, you're out of luck. Learn to cook, or befriend those that can cook and like to entertain. As mentioned, basic groceries are available and can be supplemented with meat orders from Kenya. People also bring groceries in their luggage, like fresh vegetables and cheeses. Put together, you can come up with an excellent meal, far better than anything available locally. - May 2017

Don't go out to eat. Just don't. Make friends with your neighbors and you'll eat better there than any restaurant in Khartoum. There are options for Italian, Lebanese, Turkish, etc, but your cooking will be much more reliable and, most likely, won't make you sick. - Nov 2016

Khartoum has very good restaurants (Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Mexican, Chinese, American, etc.). Delivery options include at least: pizza, fried chicken, fish restaurants. I doubt there are comparable options outside the capital. - Oct 2016

There are only a handful of places that won't make you sick. The food is about US$10-30. But it's always risky to go out to eat. The Mahdi's Revenge is prevalent, and people are out sick a good bit from food related illnesses. The variety isn't that good either. There is a continental restaurant (outside seating mostly), Ozone, a Turkish place, and a few other places that have a limited selection. There are no nice restaurants in the country. The cafeteria at the Embassy is really bad too. The contract is being renewed right now, but the service and the food are abysmally bad. - Mar 2016

There are two restaurants that are sure not to make you sick. Topkapi (Turkish cuisine) and Ozone (continental cuisine and a bakery). Everything else is hit an miss for cleanliness. The cost is low for both and the food is of good quality. - Mar 2015

There is no such thing as fast food. It's always cooked to order and cooked fresh, even at the burger joints and KFC knock-off place. Meals can range from US$5 a person to US$10 at the cheaper places, nicer places and places with a large expat clientele are more expensive, US$15 to US$20 per person. - Apr 2014

Restaurants are plentiful, and just like in the States, you can eat cheaply with some effort. - Jun 2011

You can get really good Middle Eastern food here, like shwarma. You can get a large and filling shwarma for about $5.There is good food here and it's not too expensive. - Apr 2010

Lots of fast food options. We would often order from Italy Pizza in Riyad and they would deliver. - May 2009

Many ... and increasing daily. - Sep 2008

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