Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Sudan does not embrace homosexuality. - Feb 2018

Probably not, though several have served without issue. Sudan is not LGBT friendly, however. - Nov 2016

No. Sudanese law/custom is very conservative in this regard, prohibiting anything but heterosexual activity. - Oct 2016

No, you can be imprisoned if you're outed. For a diplomat that's not an issue, but the person you're getting with might end up in jail and you might be named and kicked out the country for whatever morality offense you've caused to the Islamic culture in Sudan. It's risky. - Mar 2016

Yes. There is an underground culture that allows for homosexuals to go out relatively openly. There are cultural norms that allow men and women to be alone with members of the same sex without question, which is not the case for people of opposite gender. - Mar 2015

No way. - Apr 2014

There are a number of gays at the embassy, but this is a Muslim country with Sharia law, so they have to be really careful in public. Gay couples who come here together seem fine, but singles probably have a less enjoyable time. - Apr 2010


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