Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

You will want to take full advantage of your consumables shipment. While some items, like paper products, are available, the quality is so poor that you will find yourself constantly ordering from Amazon or similar if you did not pack enough in your consumables. Because this is a pouch-only post, liquids are restricted to 16 ounces per incoming package. I would recommend shipping large-size liquids which you will be unable to get later on. This includes everything from shampoo to cleaning solutions to canned soup to peanut butter to canned vegetables that are in water. - Feb 2018

Ship everything you might want. Detergents, soaps, bathroom products, beauty products, canned and packaged food items. Anything that will keep, ship it out. As mentioned, things that have to be imported here tend to be more expensive. Women, in particular, should plan carefully as many items you may need or want won't be available. - May 2017

Pretty much everything. Sanctions are a real thing. Liquids and vegetables, in particular, are missed. Make sure you send ample hygiene products and ladies, don't forget your tampons. - Nov 2016

Blue cheese dressing, Herdez green salsa, liquid Tide, more sunscreen. - Oct 2016

Everything. There is nothing to do, so bring everything. Since power goes off and on a lot, it's probably good to have an uninterrupted power supply or two. - Mar 2016

Bring a very robust consumables shipment and as much as you could possibly need in your household shipment. There are no goods that you can buy here that are good quality, whether it's furniture, sports equipment, or household items. - Mar 2015

More consumables, particularly cleaning supplies. - Apr 2014

more consumables. - Jun 2011

Any condiments that you can get that stuff here but it is expensive. Pickles. Spices for cooking. - Apr 2010

Furniture for those huge houses! If you have a container, load it up with your favorite items. You will save money in the end. Many speciality items can be found at the supermarkets (Amarat Center and Mawra Center), but at a cost. I was amazed to find Dijon mustard readily available - but it cost more. - May 2009

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