Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

If Khartoum has any hidden gems, they are still hidden. The British Embassy has frequent events, such as a monthly trivia night and a Christmas party. The Netherlands Embassy has a monthly movie night, and the Italian embassy hosts fundraisers. In addition, an NGO called Triangle has weekly movies on their roof (projected onto a sheet—yes, this is what passes for “fun” in Khartoum). For many events at other embassies, the sticking point is you have to know someone who can put you on the access list. The expat group, InterNations, is fairly active, with meet ups primarily at local restaurants. - Feb 2018

Go see the pyramids in Meroe and Karima, and if you have the time, see Old Dongola. Definitely go to Port Sudan to enjoy the Red Sea. There really isn't a whole lot to do, so take advantage of whatever is on offer. - May 2017

Khartoum is pretty lacking in fun and/or interesting things, but there is a museum. Best interesting/fun things are within the diplomatic community, including sports clubs, quiz nights, etc. Pyramids are truly amazing. - Nov 2016

Great sports leagues, yoga, horse-riding, hiking, archaeological/historical sites, Red Sea diving; Good restaurants (Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Mexican, Chinese, American-ish, etc.); Sudanese dinners, weddings & other social events. Visits to the souk (market), dancing dervishes, Nubian wrestling, hip hop festivals, film festivals, gallery showings. - Oct 2016

There is nothing to do. The limit of the experience is a two day trip to see some pyramids then you're done. It's probably best to find a tour (there are tour companies that do these trips to Sudan--NOT the Italian Tourism Co.) and visit for a few days instead of being posted here. If you're into going into the desert to camp that's about the only thing there is. It's hot, miserable, and you'll have beggars surround you the entire time you're there. - Mar 2016

I would recommend studying the history of this region as much as possible, and then visiting some of the historic areas north of the city. - Jun 2015

One trip to the Pyramids would suffice. There is also camping along the Nile, and diving in Port Sudan with international companies working there. - Mar 2015

Camping in the desert, visiting ancient ruins, the pyramids are stunning, pool parties, dining out. - Apr 2014

There are a lot of historical and cultural things to see and do here. The Nile is beautiful certain times of the year and you can rent a boat and go out on it. - Apr 2010

Driving out to the desert, visiting pyramids, hanging out at the pool - May 2009

Boating on, or walking by the Nile. Various sports groups: tennis, rugby, football, hash, etc. Several popular swimming pools. Gyms in the major hotels. Day/weekend trips into the desert, especially towards the pyramids/ruins north of Khartoum. - Sep 2008

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