Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

The climate is ranges from oppressively hot to hot. November through February tend to be the most comfortable months, with temperatures plummeting to the 80s on some days. This is when you’ll see the guards wearing parkas, hats and gloves. There is a “rainy” season (usually a short shower) and a haboob season. Haboob dirt gets into everything, everywhere. There is no escaping it, making it difficult to keep your house clean. For this reason, many people hire domestic staff to clean their houses. - Feb 2018

Oppressively hot in the summer season, which is quite long. The heat starts in late March and lasts through October. There is a short rainy season in the summer, typically starting around July and lasts about a month. The rest of the year is dry so people used to the heat in Arizona or Texas will feel at home. The winter months are comfortable, and this is prime time for camping trips into the desert or diving in Port Sudan. - May 2017

HOT. In the hot season, it's really hot. In the cold season, it's just hot. - Nov 2016

It is very hot and dry, with some seasonal flooding. - Oct 2016

It's very hot from March through November. The weather is reasonably nice (70s and maybe 60sF in the evenings) from December to mid-February. - Mar 2016

The years here are marked by three levels of temperature: Hot, hotter, and hottest. A rainy season, where it normally rains almost every night, lasts about a month and a half. It is hot then, too. - Jun 2015

It's comfortable and marginally cool from late November through February (think 65-75F degrees), but by the end of February through October it's about 80F at night to 110F during the day. It can go higher, but 110F seems to be a normal day during this period. - Mar 2015

Hot. Even in the winter it's in the upper 80s F (60s F in the early morning). Summer is extremely hot. Very dry, bring lots of lotion. - Apr 2014

Hot, hotter, hottest. Khartoum is really nice during the winter months though. - Jun 2011

Hot. Hot. Hot. Almost no rain ,ever. - Apr 2010

Hot. Hot. Hot. Most of the year. A bit of a break in December and January. - May 2009

Hot and dry in winter, becoming hotter and drier towards summer; occasional torrential downpours during July/Aug; hot and dry in autumn. - Sep 2008

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