Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Work attire varies by section, but ranges from business casual to business. In public, discretion must be used, especially by women, to appropriately cover arms and legs. The Sudanese do not expect foreign women to cover their hair, but some may choose to do so in public. Formal dress is required only at special functions like the Marine Corps Ball or the St. Andrews Ball. - Feb 2018

Suits or business casual at work, depending on your function. Some formal occasions if you want to bring a tux, but a good suit is all you need. Be prepared for it to be ruined here though. Same goes for shoes. There is so much dust and dirt here that it's impossible to keep anything clean. - May 2017

Business casual with a side of sand. It's really hot, so be prepared to dress accordingly. Because of the heat and sand, formal dress is rarely required. - Nov 2016

Dress is very conservative for women (medium to long sleeves/skirts/pants), although Sudanese are less concerned about what foreigners wear than what Sudanese women wear. - Oct 2016

Business casual. It's hot, so plan accordingly. - Mar 2016

Normal office attire. - Jun 2015

Dress is business casual at best. In public is doesn't really matter, Westerners are not held to the same standard regarding covering up. - Mar 2015

Business casual. - Apr 2014

Business casual at the embassy. In public, as a woman, I didn't feel comfortable wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts. Women don't have to cover their heads. - Jun 2011

Women need to dress conservatively with dresses and skirts that go past the knees, and shoulders should be covered in public. A foreign woman would not need to cover her head here. - Apr 2010

Very conservative. Men don't wear shorts. Women cover legs and upper arms. - May 2009

Fairly conservative. - Sep 2008

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