Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Since we could not move freely, there was little opportunity for joining local groups. However, InterNations has a chapter that hosts meetups at restaurants, bowling alleys, and other local places. Embassies such as the British Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, and Italian Embassy have periodic events which usually draw big crowds of expats and can be a comfortable way to meet new people. Most American officers socialized primarily with other American officers and spouses. - Feb 2018

The primary social event here is the weekend party. Someone will have one. The embassy has a very active and creative employee association that does a great job sponsoring social activities. So there's a weekly happy hour, a mid-week social, and several "big" events, such as the St. Patty's Day or Cinco de Mayo parties. Of course there are Independence Day and Marine Corps formals. There is a CLO who arranges periodic trips, both in Sudan and abroad.

During the winter, people plan their own camping trips to various locations, most of them historical heritage sites. There aren't too many of them, but they're unique and it's pretty cool to spend the night in the shadows of an ancient temple or pyramid. If you're a diver, head to Port Sudan. It's undeveloped, but pristine, and how many of your friends can say they've dived Jacques Cousteau's under water station? There are no formal clubs, but there are groups that hold pick-up sporting events. For instance, there is a regular group for pick-up basketball and rugby games. Plan on a large travel budget. Sudan is a great jumping-off point for trips throughout Africa and to Middle Eastern destinations. - May 2017

Make friends with your neighbors, go to happy hour (except when it's canceled), go to Pickwick/other Embassy events, capitalize on a weekday sports club at the Khartoum American School. If all else fails, make sure you have a Netflix account. - Nov 2016

There are plenty of parties, dinners, cooking competitions, dances, movie nights, game nights, and other social events to keep you busy. I have to schedule "at home" nights to re-charge my batteries sometimes. If you're bored here, you're not trying. - Oct 2016

Nothing outside of the community. The villa residents often have events at their houses, but it's very high school-clique-ish here. If you're in with some people you'll have activities, if you're not you won't be invited and will have no opportunities. Most non-Embassy people will hang out with you for the promise of alcohol at your house. - Mar 2016

Movie nights, dinners, pool parties, book clubs, cruises on the Nile. - Jun 2015

There is nothing but private entertaining to do. You may get invited to a wedding here and there, but despite their popularity they're quite boring. - Mar 2015

Pool parties, pot lucks, cocktail parties, happy hour, game nights, movie nights, roof top parties. - Apr 2014

Again, there's a good expat social scene. - Jun 2011

People mostly have parties at their houses. - Apr 2010

Mostly entertaining at home. There are a couple of nice open-air restaurants--Universal Coffee and a Lebanese restaurant in Khartoum -- but I can't remember the name! - May 2009

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