Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

American embassy employees are not allowed to use public transportation of any kind. - Feb 2018

Embassy personnel are not allowed to ride public transportation. Taxis, tuk-tuks and little buses known as Amjads are availble, but again, off-limits. There are also buses, but there is no decipherable order or logic to them. Together, these modes of public transportation are the scourge of any orderly traffic system, as they are packed, in poor condition, and the drivers are universally reckless. Some, however, may consider this part of "charm" of the Sudan I've heard. - May 2017

Affordable? Absolutely. Safe? Debatable. Something you're allowed to take? Absolutely not. Get used to the motor pool. - Nov 2016

Buses, vans and tuk-tuks are very affordable and relatively safe, but U.S. diplomats are prohibited from using them. - Oct 2016

You're not allowed to take them. If you are, don't. They're all falling apart and death traps. But they are cheap. - Mar 2016

All public transportation is prohibited. - Mar 2015

Affordable, yes. Safe, no. Employees are not permitted to use them. - Apr 2014

RSO prohibits the use of taxis and tuk-tuks. - Jun 2011

Yes and yes. - Apr 2010

I took a taxi once. Scarey experience! - May 2009

Taxis (regular taxis, small minivans and auto-rickshaws) are very user-friendly ... as long as you know a few numbers and direction terms in Arabic. They are perfectly safe with respect to crime, but their generally battered condition is indicative of other dangers. - Sep 2008

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