Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

US Embassy children were not allowed in Sudan at the time we served. There are many single officers who tend to get together after hours and create their own fun within the compound setting. Couples have each other for company, which is good when you can’t get out much. There are some restaurants in Khartoum, but of course no bars. So night life is limited. - Feb 2018

Lots of singles + general boredom = make your own fun. Couples will be happy if the trailing spouse can find employment, or is very creative and can stay occupied. Otherwise, increase that travel budget. - May 2017

For single guys, Khartoum is a veritable playground. For couples, Khartoum can be tough, as spouse employment is an ongoing issue. That said, married couples are usually happier than singletons here. - Nov 2016

Yes to all. - Oct 2016

Families: right now it would be adult dependents and spouses. It's not easy if one person isn't working. There literally is nothing to do. No culture, no activities, you can't go out unless you're in an armored car, management is now charging people for transportation if you're going out to have fun, and you would end up with someone working and the partner bored out of her/his mind at home. It creates friction. For singles it's not easy. There is a tiny expat community and if none of those people appeal to you (mostly Western expats who'll hang out with you more for your access to alcohol than anything else), then you're alone for two years. - Mar 2016

It doesn't make much of a difference. There is *very* little to do here. There are some NGOs that may provide dating opportunities for singles, more so for males than for females. Bringing a partner with you will make your life easier, but your partner should be working since there is nothing to do in the city and will suffer from boredom fairly quickly and you'll have to deal with it. - Mar 2015

For families - no - since you can't bring kids. Singles, it depends. If you aren't looking for a good dating scene or clubbing, then it's ok. There are always parties that include people from other embassies, NGOs, etc. Best for couples perhaps. - Apr 2014

Couples with no kids and singles definitely. With such a large UN and NGO presence in Sudan, there's a social scene. - Jun 2011

It's good for singles and couples with no kids. There are a lot of UN and NGO people here, so there is a vibrant dating scene. You have to be careful about dating locals, though, because the security service frowns on it and might throw you out of the country if they catch you. - Apr 2010

It was a nice, quiet place for young families. I also know there was a very lively nightlife. I haven't been to as many parties since! - May 2009

Excellent for families with small children (our own were five and one when we first moved to Khartoum). There has been a huge increase in the number of ex-pat families in Khartoum since the North-South peace agreement (CPA); however, this could change rapidly if the political situation deteriorates. Possibly less good for families with teenage children: I suspect that the educational environment is less stimulating (too few in each class) and less comprehensive, and it would be difficult for them to enjoy an independent social life. I'm not sure how much people without families enjoy life here. - Sep 2008

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