How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

According to US standards, it's cheaper. You can have a great dinner for four people which would cost about 40 Euros. From the perspective of the region, it's mostly the same. Typical stuff you can find in the region and the EU. If you really miss your special flavors or ingredients, take them with you. Amazon delivers. Well stocked supermarkets are Voli, Idea, Bonella. Green markets are also available, specially Gintaš. - Jul 2020

There are not many American brands here at all. About three different American cereals (one being Special K) and that is really it. You can find most everything you would need, though. There is no cilantro, so grow your own. The embassy places commissary orders 4 times a year through Belgrade, and you can order anything you can think of -- as long as it's in stock. Also, there is a nice huge market in Dubrovnik (about a 2-hour drive) that has things you can't get here. You can also order dry foods through the pouch. - Aug 2010

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