Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

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Like in any other post, what you get out of it largely depends on you and what you make of it. Also, much depends on your own situation in your life at the time you're here: family situation, work situation, health, one's expectations, etc. Montreal really offers a huge variety of opportunities and places to see and things to experience. - Aug 2012

Montreal has been very challenging for me. I struggled for a long time with the lack of community and difficulty making friends. If I had written this post 8 months ago, it would have been almost uniformly negative. However, having finally made Canadian friends and experiencing their incredible generosity and kindess, I see that it's really just about being here long enough to integrate (something difficult for expats). - Dec 2009

Montreal is truly a great city - unique and full of great ideas and events. It seems to be having growing pains due to a couple decades of underfunding - a problem that many Canadian cities are experiencing. I think it has a bright future ahead, but for now I would not recommend it unless one comes fully prepared with lots of optimism and a great sense of humor. And ready for an adventure. - Sep 2009

A great city to live in if you are willing to go out, brave the cold and buy US$12 martinis. Maybe less good if you like the expat life. - Jan 2009

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