Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Dual tire pick-up. - Aug 2020

Swim trunks. - Feb 2018

Can't think of anything in particular. Perhaps just the notion that this is going to be just like the U.S. It is not. On top of it being another country (Canada), it is also within a "unique" of sorts province, Quebec, with its own very particular history and culture. Having said this, it is really no problem. Come with an open mind, and you'll enjoy it. Also, for cryin' out loud, if you cannot tolerate rather long and cold winters, do not bid on this place! (The nice underground shopping area in the downtown can get old very quickly.) This advice should be obvious, but just in case . . .The winters are long and cold. One other thing - did I mention the LONG and COLD winters?! - Aug 2012

Bikini. There have been approximately 20 days over 80'F in the 2 years I've lived here. - Dec 2009

thoughts of being in a first-world city. The city is falling apart, literally. The 'system' is full of red tape, and it is difficult to manage without help. This is not the U.S., and any expectations you might have for "French lite" are grossly misled. - Sep 2009

Thoughts of living in a third world country. This is as urban-modern as it gets. - Jan 2009

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