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Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Most people stick with US doctors because we are so close. Medical care here is OK. If you use private clinics the fees are a little less than in the US. If you don’t get the Quebec health insurance and end up in a hospital, you need to pay a lot up front so I carry my bank card everywhere. - Aug 2020

Medical care is easily available. You may have to wait a while for service at an urgent care facility. You can also go to a private clinic and get seen much faster, but expect to pay more. - Feb 2018

I could write many paragraphs about the whole medical care issue. Of course, the whole issue of the Canadian health system is always in the news, and there are opinions and experiences all over the map. I suspect every person and family will have different experiences. And I suspect that some people would take some issue with what I write, below. Using the local health care system presents some problems, even if you're a fully subscribed Canadian. On the one hand, yes, there is (theoretical) universal care. That translates to waiting periods and some rationed care. Most official Americans here (with the exception of one couple that I know of) are not using the local system. Most people will simply go to a private doctor here or across the border. If you want to opt into the Canadian system, you pay some kind of monthly fee, (but I do not have those details). If you use a local doctor, you later get reimbursed (by BC/BS, or whatever insurance company), and get back maybe around 85% of the cost. What we do is simply go across the border to Plattsburgh, NY, a 70-minute trip, door to door, and pay a co-pay only. We do most of our routine appointments there, for pediatrician, OBGYN visits, etc. For any urgent care, or if you want to see a doctor and do not want to drive across the border, you can go to a local clinic here. But you could wait anytime from 1-4 hours (especially if it is not super urgent). Again, we just bill this to BC/BS, and get around 85% back. A typical visit to such a clinic is around $150, and the quality is excellent. Some people find going across the border to go to a clinic to be quicker than waiting at a clinic here. Dental care here is great, and we've all used local dentists. Waiting/access is not an issue. Prices are about the same as in the U.S. - Aug 2012

If you are not covered by Quebec medicare, you must pay cash at a pay clinic for service. It was $150 each time I went to the doctor, but I received excellent service - Dec 2009

In one year, someone died in the emergency room awaiting care, another delivered his own child when the doctors wouldn't go to the maternity room, and another with appendicitis waited 7 hours for an ambulance. Quebec's health system is in crisis. The doctors are leaving en masse for other provinces, or the U.S. Excellent care -- if you can get it. - Sep 2009

No epidemics, but the medical system here generates numerous complaints from residents. Expect to pay up front and be reimbursed later by your insurer. There are tremendously long waits for some examinations (like MRIs), though emergency care is on par with the U.S.Most Consulate employees have doctors in NY. - Jan 2009

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