Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Generally great, I think. I mean, if you're a miserable person, you'll be miserable everywhere. - Aug 2012

Good if you like to party. Pretty bad if you don't. Especially during the winter months, people really get closed off. If you are not part of a social circle, it can be very isolating. I would say more than half the people at the consulate have not had a good experience here - and it's largely because it's a big, rude city where people (at least in public spaces) treat each other with zero consideration. Basic courtesies - holding doors open, letting people get off the metro before you get on, saying excuse me - are simply not part of public life here. It can make the already depressing cold absolutely demoralizing. During the short summer months, people literally become more outgoing and friendly. It's like a different city, and it feels better to be here. - Dec 2009

Not great. Those we met from just about everywhere consistently said that it took 3 years to like Montreal. Until that point, most found it aggressive, exclusive, and unfriendly. - Sep 2009

Hard to say. Most Americans don't introduce themselves as such. Probably like asking what Canadian morale is in San Francisco. - Jan 2009

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