Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You can easily get by with English only downtown, but it’s nice to explore Quebec and you need to speak French when you get further out. The consulate has French classes, also held at the airport for people in that part of town. - Aug 2020

The vast majority of Montrealers speak some English so you can get by without knowing any French, but it's helpful to know a few pleasantries. Also, some restaurants will only be in French. If you venture to other parts of Quebec, it will be more in French. - Feb 2018

Within greater Montreal, generally none. English is spoken by virtually everyone, and at least I have never detected any big issue/sensitivity around this issue. Of course, the more the better, and people appreciate any effort. The more you get out of greater Montreal, the less and less people speak or want to speak English. The more you get into the core area of Montreal, the more bi-lingual it is. And there are distinct neighborhoods here where it is more English or more French speaking. - Aug 2012

In Montreal, you can get by entirely in English. Outside of Montreal, it's much better to have French. - Dec 2009

Zero. However, more and more local kids and immigrants are dropping English. In the mall we found a lot of teens working at McDs, etc., who wouldn't speak English because they couldn't. - Sep 2009

Realistically, none, almost everyone speaks English, but the French speakers really do appreciate it if you try and tend to be friendlier. - Jan 2009

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