Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Similar to US. Maybe not every fruit and veg in the winter. You can easily go to Plattsburgh NY, a two-hour trip when COVID hasn’t closed the border, and shop for groceries and fill up your care. Canada seems to have more organic produce, plus the leeks, strawberries and blueberries from Quebec are good. And good maple syrup, of course. - Aug 2020

Comparable to US in price, but grocery stores have a more limited selection. - Feb 2018

Probably around 10-20% more expensive than in the U.S. Many of us stock up every few weeks across the border for big staples, as well as clothing. Everything is available here. - Aug 2012

Everything is 25-50% more expensive than across the border, and for no discernible reason. I suspect that Canadian businesses just jack up the prices because they have a captive customer base. Simply transporting a can of dog food across the border cannot explain it being double the cost. A quart of milk costs what a gallon does in the States. And grocery and other stores will have strange stock problems. Like one day, you'll go to the grocery store and there is no salted butter. Just none. Also, it's a bit like the French system, where you don't really have full-service grocery stores. You have to go to the pharmacy for household products and cosmetics, the hardware store for cleaning supplies, and the grocery store for food. - Dec 2009

Forget about chicken - it's so expensive you'll think it must be caviar. Check out the Loblaws and Super Cs - big warehouse-type stores with everything you ever wanted. - Sep 2009

Just like in the U.S., with a European twist in some neighborhoods like Plateau. Produce at the grocery store is surprisingly cheap, since apparently lots of fruit ships from South America stop here. There are also numerous gourmet markets, bakeries, chocolateries, charcuteries, etc. to visit. - Jan 2009

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