Montreal - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Some prejudice against immigrants. - Aug 2020

The city does have some problems with Islamophobia (there was a recent uproar over a proposed ban to wearing head coverings while receiving government services). - Feb 2018

I do not think so. This is one of the most international, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Every nationality, ethnic and religious group is here. - Aug 2012

Not particularly. There is, however, the ever-present French/English split. I didn't notice it much when I first got here, but the longer I was here, the more apparent the prejudices on both sides became. Also, it is not a particularly religious city -- it's filled with Catholic churches that only the old people attend. - Dec 2009

Race issues are bad, and I believe, getting worse. Immigration policies are bringing in more and more immigrants, and the effect on demographics and the economy is starting to show -- with anti-police riots and other ugly stuff. - Sep 2009

There is a subtle racism here, typified by the recent "reasonable accomodation" debate, wherein imigrants were excoriated for their non-Quebec values polluting the French-Canadian culture here. - Jan 2009

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