Kolkata - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Lots of stares if you are a woman alone and don’t look like a local. The population likes to think of children as community property, so there’s a lot of trying to touch kids’ faces and shoulders/necks and unwanted selfies (mostly by men). It’s very awkward. There is a definite lack of consideration of personal space, so if you are trying to find something in your bag, a person standing next to you will sometimes ‘help’ you look for it. There have been some pick pocketing instances reported and verbal altercations with more forceful beggars in the streets. Generally, not as bad as a regular major city. - Aug 2021

Things like petty theft don’t tend to occur in India. Western women may get unnecessary extra looks and attention. - Dec 2020

Not really. - Sep 2015

Maoists are active in several districts of West Bengal. International terrorism is common in India. The city has lower crime than other Indian cities and minimal "Eve teasing." - Dec 2010

Not really, it's overall pretty safe for day-to-day life, but you must be very careful walking the streets due to poor maintenance and poor driving of any and all types of vehicles. There is considerable political violence, incredible amounts -- especially around elections. Strikes and protests happen daily, though unless you are caught in it you may just read about it the next day. Domestic terrorism is also a problem, but it doesn't seem to affect people's-day-to day life in this city. Women who are alone can bring unwanted attention, as the men are very juvenile and will brush up against them. - Jun 2009

Not much for the city, it's pretty safe. However, India is a pandora's box for terrorism, insurgencies and political violence. - Mar 2009

No, it's a very safe city. - May 2008

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