Kolkata - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Both apartment complexes have gyms and pools (but it's not recommended to swim in the pools due to lack of confidence in upkeep), Consulate has a very nice gym and lovely pool (truly an oasis), There are lots of gyms in town as well as crossfit, karate, swimming (ref: comment above about pools), country clubs ($$$$$$$$). There is no lack for facilities to exercise, however the cleanliness could be an issue at times for these places, as well as the pandemic. Most have been closed and have recently opened back up. - Aug 2021

Our apt had some good equipment. Didn’t explore private gyms. - Dec 2020

We have good gym and workout facilities on the consulate compound. If you want, you can join a private club which are expensive. In particular, the city has some of the oldest golf clubs in the world, joining them is expensive. - Sep 2015

Yes. - Dec 2010

Yes, though expensive, at hotels and the private clubs. - Jun 2009

Gyms are not cheap and there are not too many. However, a few of the 5 star hotels allow membership, and the various clubs in town also have gyms. The Consulate has a small but little-used gym. There is a new small gym just opened near the consulate as well. - Mar 2009

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