Kolkata - Post Report Question and Answers

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

There are plenty of positions in the consulate for EFMs. I am not aware of anyone else working outside of the consulate. I can’t imagine that the compensation would be attractive enough to take a local job. There have been EFMs that telecommuted successfully. - Aug 2021

Limited EFM jobs. Not aware of anyone else working remotely. Local salaries much lower than US. - Dec 2020

Not really. - Sep 2015

No. - Dec 2010

I'm not sure, depends on your specialty. - Jun 2009

I don't think so if they don't bring you in from overseas. - Mar 2009

There are some jobs available, but networking is key. The local chambers are very responsive to foreigners and generally help them to meet other companies and contacts in order to network. - May 2008

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