Kolkata - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Average. - Dec 2010

Depends, morale among the consulate folks is pretty good, depending on the day. Most people enjoy the adventure and also enjoy complaining about it. - Jun 2009

Pretty good considering this is considered one of the harder cities to live in India. However it really depends on each individual. The crush of humanity in India can be very draining. - Mar 2009

Morale varies widely -- there are those who hate Calcutta and others who are quite taken by the city. I fall in-between. It can be a difficult city for expats, with the lack of amenities and foreign foods. However, if you look beyond shopping and food, it can be a charming place. Calcuttans are extremely warm, gracious, hospitable, humble and non-materialistic. It is very easy to befriend people here. - May 2008

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