Kolkata - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

$150-200 monthly for full time cleaning (5.5 days a week), $200-250 monthly for full time driver (6 days a week). There are curfews currently that restrict movement before and after a certain time of day so that may result in helpers not being able to work a full day. - Aug 2021

Available and very affordable. 250-400 USD/month. Housekeeper, nanny, drivers, all available. - Dec 2020

Widely available and quite affordable though the quality varies. - Sep 2015

Takes time to find someone good. Average monthly salary is $150-200/month. - Dec 2010

Lots of people available, though here in Kolkata English is not so great for some, and some don't read. Most people have found very good, reliable help, everyone has at least a housekeeper and a driver, while others have a nanny, cook, driver and housekeeper. Some cooks will not do housework, some housekeepers will not do toilets, or laundry. All can be had from $100/month on up. - Jun 2009

Cheap and fairly plentiful, but English is sometimes poor. I pay US$110/month for a housekeeper who does laundry, cooks simple dishes and cleans like a fiend. I also pay US$100/month for my driver who walks the dog and runs errands, takes the housekeeper shopping, etc. - Mar 2009

VERY cheap and plentiful. A maid/cook costs about US$110 a month, as does a babysitter, while a driver will ask for anything between US$130-$170. Having a driver is very necessary in Calcutta with chaotic traffic patterns and horrific traffic. - May 2008

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