Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

The U.S. embassy is on ordered departure for attacks against diplomats. So yeah. - Oct 2017

No, this is one of the safest posts out there. I feel very comfortable walking around late at night. Once, I was walking through a neighborhood late at night (it was a poor neighborhood and people were partying and drinking outside) and I suddenly thought how scary this neighborhood would be anywhere else in the hemisphere, but how safe and friendly it is in Cuba. - Jan 2016

No. There is no privacy, of course.That has to be considered by anyone who comes here. Petty theft/pickpocketing happens but is not a huge problem. There is violent crime in Havana but it doesn't usually touch expats unless they seek out the other side of life here. If you walk in certain parts of Havana, you will be approached constantly by people selling the various vices. In terms of that, it's better for women than men. Women are approached by male prostitutes but they are much more subtle; women are less likely to be approached by people selling drugs, etc. - May 2014

Very safe for most crime, take normal precautions of your average city. Zero assumption of privacy. - Aug 2013

It is relatively safe, despite sporadic criminal activity, sometimes violent. Trends are not reported, so it is hard to take precautions. One can expect little privacy, even in one's dwelling. - Jul 2011

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