What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are three international schools: ISH, the French school, and the Spanish school. Communication is poor at all three, but teacher-student ratios are excellent at all three. The French school gets out early (1:30?) and doesn't offer a lot of extracurricular activities. The Spanish school churns out truly bilingual kids and has a warm atmosphere, but it also has the worst parent-school communication. ISH is okay, but the coursework isn't very challenging overall. - Jan 2016

Foreign children have three choices: the Spanish school, the French school, and the International School of Havana (ISH). We've had a good experience with the ISH lower grades. Every classroom has one Cuban teacher and one foreign native English-speaking teacher. The student-teacher ratio varies by class but in most classes there is one teacher for every 10-12 students. The campus is pleasant and has a good feeling. The school employs specialists in music, art, computer, language, sport, etc. There are many extracurricular choices every day, too. Most classes are held in English but starting in 2nd grade, students also receive Spanish language instruction. Many of the extra-curricular classes are held in Spanish as well. The school has a decent library and nurses on-site at both campuses (pre-K/early years classrooms are located in a different building about 4 blocks away). - May 2014

3 at post. An IB International School, Spanish, and French School. The International School runs from great to mediocre the older your child is. Parents are generally happy with all of the schools, though communication is an issue at all the schools. It's very difficult for teachers to get Visas at times so much of the staff at the schools are Cuban Nationals. - Aug 2013

No direct experience. There is an English language school, and a Spanish one. The Cuban government makes it very difficult for foreign teachers to obtain visas, so most teachers are Cubans. - Jul 2011

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