Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Satellite dishes on the roofs of houses - very slow connectivity. Don't plan to stream anything, though video chat works ok if it's not cloudy. - Oct 2017

There is no post with worse internet access. It is $80 a month, works about 75% of the time, has a download limit that would prevent streaming even if it were fast enough. Usually it's not strong enough even for Skype video without cutting out. It works okay for phone-over-internet and browsing and emailing. - Jan 2016

You can get a satellite connection at a high cost, which is not particularly good. I think we pay around US$80 per month. You lose service frequently, and always during heavy rain. There is a daily download limit of 475 mb, unless you have an even more expensive package. It's better than dialup though. Technically, none of these connections is legal and could be taken down at any time. - May 2014

No. Painfully slow satelite internet. You will not stream, you will not telework. US$89/month - Aug 2013

No. State-provided internet is very expensive (over $100 monthly) and slow. Many people have (illegal) internet dishes. - Jul 2011

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