Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Check out Mauritania page for safety and security info. - Apr 2019

Definitely. The Regional Security Officer (RSO) does not want us to walk in public, but honestly, there really isn't any place to walk here anyways. You can go to the beach and walk there, but as far as strolling a few blocks from your house down to a grocery store, that is frowned upon due to violent crime. No taxis or buses are allowed either. All residences have 24-hour Embassy security guards and barbed wire. All travel outside of the city must be first approved by RSO. - May 2016

It is considered a high threat post. However, I've felt less safe in some U.S. cities. Don't walk - the driving there is unbelievable. You truly must see it to believe it. There are guards 24/7 at the residences. - Dec 2015

Yes. Terrorism is always on everyone's mind. Crime seems to be increasing too but most of the information about crime is anecdotal or gathered by embassy security people. - Apr 2014

Terrorism is a constant concern. An American was killed here in 2009 by terrorists. The terrorists were arrested and convicted and are now in prison for life. Most people counter this threat by staying in Nouakchott. It is also notable that the Mauritanian government is very active against terrorism. Crime is not a major concern - at least not worse than any big city in the US. - Aug 2011

There is always a threat of AQM harrassing westerners. - Dec 2009

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