What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There's a couple good sandwich/shwarma places we go to a lot. There is a new-ish Indian place that does home delivery. Take out is available just about anywhere, but the fancier places will look at you sideways if you ask for take-out instead of eating there. Yes, it is possible to get a decent steak here. Seafood is usually excellent. Pizza is OK. There's a couple Chinese restaurants in town but Mandarin is very helpful for ordering. - Apr 2019

No fast food, and very little in the way of decent restaurants in town. I think you could make a strong case that the Embassy cafeteria is the best restaurant in Nouakchott. That's not an exaggeration. Almost everything I eat is either from the Embassy cafe or my home. - May 2016

American fast food? No There are some decent restaurants. The cost is fine. You will tend to cook at home. - Dec 2015

There are a few non chain "fast food" restaurant but you eat at your own risk. - Apr 2014

Fast food, not so much. Only one fast food restaurant is consistently open and has high quality service. The others are more unpredictable. Twelve inch, eight slice pizzas are about US$5, chawarama US$2. Middle of the road restaurants are good and offer a good variety of options including sea food, Lebanese, and French fare. Expect to spend about $15-20 US per person for dinner. There is at least one fancy restaurant in town that serves high quality French fare. More than US$30 per person for dinner. - Aug 2011

No fast food is available. Some restaurants are okay. You can get by. - Dec 2009

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