What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot and dry is typical, although November through February is usually absolutely gorgeous with nice cool nights. Dust storms are not uncommon during the change between seasons and can last a couple days. Rain is usually pretty minimal. - Apr 2019

Summer is dreadfully hot. But the winter is really really lovely. It rained the month after I arrived, but there has not been a drop since. - May 2016

Hot, wet & hot, temperate, and I-wish-it-was-like-this-all-year! The summers are extremely hot - you will understand why the locals are nocturnal. October just sucks - it is hot, humid, and it stinks! November through early May are delightful, it really makes up for the other months. - Dec 2015

Hot most of the year. December through March can be nice. Rainy seasons in September and August can incapacitate the city with flooding. Flooding can last for weeks and pose health risks. - Apr 2014

Hot and hotter. The coolest it gets is 75 F and that's at night. The hottest temps are in the summer and sometimes it's over 110 F. Despite being the desert, sometimes it is humid because of the ocean. Generally it is dry, though. The rainy season (August, September, and October) brings some major rains overnight or quick storms during the day, which also significantly raise the humidity. - Aug 2011

Hot. - Dec 2009

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