Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Quality of medical care in private clinics is not the highest in the world, but is decent. Referrals to Dakar/Europe are not uncommon. - Apr 2019

We have a Foreign Service Nurse Practitioner and a local-hire nurse who handle most things like minor illnesses or stitches. For anything more than that you will need to be medically evacuated. Medical care is not suitable here for much of anything. Lots of gastrointestinal problems and we are advised to take malaria pills. - May 2016

There is no medical care. If you have anything lingering - get it fixed before you go. - Dec 2015

There is no "medical care" in Nouakchott. The various clinics and hospitals are substandard at best. Medevac is the most common way of dealing with medical issues. Health concerns are numerous. Stomach problems such a parasites are common. Upper respiratory infections are also a problem due to poor air quality and fecal matter in the air. Malaria and dengue fever are always a concern. Air France flies through Conakry prior to landing in Nouakchott so Ebola is on the radar now too. - Apr 2014

Poor medical care on the economy. Don't get sick to the point of hospitalization. Make sure you have medevac insurance. - Aug 2011

Sandstorms can affect breathing. - Dec 2009

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