How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

There are several larger grocery stores that cater to expats. They are all over the cost spectrum: some very expensive and some very affordable, just don't think you can always get what you want/need. If you see something you think you may need within the next couple months, it is usually best to get it because it may not be there when you need it. That said, some less typical items like Agave syrup, birthday candles are pretty typically found in the main expat shopping place. There is also one store in Nouakchott that brings in product from CostCo, so if you are willing to pay (sometimes about 5-10 times what you would in the states), you can sometimes get lucky and find that Kirkland brand product you are looking for. There are also some Asian grocery stores around town. We usually send out housekeeper to the market for vegetables. Good small fruit stands around town, but fruits are available only when in season. I think most are imported from Morocco. - Apr 2019

Groceries and household supplies can be found to supplement your consumables, but it's the veggies and meat and fruit that are a bit lacking. It's really hit or miss. We started importing stuff from the Canary Islands on a monthly basis, which has been a huge morale booster. - May 2016

Groceries and household supplies are available but expensive. Two words, Amazon Prime. - Apr 2014

Fairly expensive. Everything here is imported, except bottled water. Expect to pay slightly higher prices than in the US. - Aug 2011

Expensive. There are some household goods available. Netgrocer will be your best friend. As will be your consumable shipment. - Dec 2009

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