Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

This is not a city that most expats walk around in. Most people get around by car. Most streets and stores do not have accomodations for disabled (e.g., wheel chairs). - Apr 2019

I can't imagine someone with physical disabilities getting on well here. - May 2016

Absolutely! Few roads, sidewalks are new - don't know how long they'll last. The cement there tends to erode. - Dec 2015

Yes. This is not a good city for someone with disabilities. - Apr 2014

This city is not accommodating to those with physical disabilities. Most businesses are not. The embassy is not. There are few sidewalks, many steps, and a few very, very steep ramps. - Aug 2011

They would have a very difficult time. The roads here are few, and lots of them are just dirt/sand roads. No sidewalks in most of the city. - Dec 2009

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