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For people who seem to only go to African posts, Zambia seems to be quite a paradise; it's just not mine. - Nov 2017

Zambia seems energetic and on the rise. Its profile as a travel destination has risen dramatically in recent years, and it's not surprising---given how much there is to see and do. Zambia has 17 major waterfalls, some of the best game parks in Africa, Lake Kariba for houseboating, fishing, and animal viewing, Victoria Falls and all the adreneline activities there, canoeing, fantastic fishing to include tigerfish, beautiful weather, unspoiled wetlands and savannahs and an opurtunity to travel to places few people ever get a chance to visit. One park in the western part of the country, for instance, is so far from anywhere that less than a few hundred people visit a year. And yet it has tens of thousands of wildebeast and other grazing animals and amazing birdlife, among other features. For old Africa hands it's one of those bucket-list destinations made even better by the difficulty in getting there and the lack of those who have managed it. Many expats take full advantage of their time here, and for those that do, I think they find it to be a special, remarkable place that they will never forget. - Apr 2013

Someone has to speak the truth about life here! It's incredibly expensive--travel is tough and expensive--Zambia is overrated. - Mar 2009

Best weather in the known world!! - Aug 2008

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