Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

In my time here we've heard of numerous robberies and a couple of sexual assaults. On the whole it's not common--if you experience anything it will probably be petty theft. Lock your car doors at stoplights and don't leave a purse on the front seat of your car in a mall parking lot. This police do their best but, particularly outside Lusaka, their capacity can be really limited. If you want someone to come out and investigate a robbery you'll probably have to go pick them up in your car.

Our main safety concern is driving after dark so we don't to a ton of it. The roads are narrow and unlit, tons of people are walking on them, other drivers have either no lights or drive around with high beams, and there are a lot of drunk drivers on the road. - Feb 2018

Use common sense--Zambians are pretty polite and mellow people. I don't feel unsafe here at all. - Nov 2017

You should approach RSO about this. Lusaka has a high crime rate, though most of these incidents affect people outside the American community. That said, there have been home invasions, robberies, assaults, and other issues in recent years.

Car accidents are a major concern, as well. Zambian drivers can be poorly trained and make confusing traffic decisions, so you need to keep your wits about you at all times. Especially after dark and on weekends, drunk drivers are a constant and dangerous issue. - Jan 2017

Pickpocketing and breaking into cars seem to be the main things here, so use common sense and you should be fine. - Jun 2016

Lusaka is rated as having a high threat of crime, which seems hard to believe when you are out during the day. That being said, it has this rating for a reason. Apart from petty crime, burglaries are on the rise, and there have been several instances of violent crime targeting expats. If you take the same sorts of precautions you would in Washington, D.C., you should be just fine. Lock your car doors and use your alarm system. - May 2016

Crime is a problem and care should be used in locking up, using your alarm, being aware of your surroundings. For the most part, crime seems to be non-violent, but not always. Carjacking does happen and you should drive with windows up and doors locked. Having said all that, we feel safe here and haven't experienced any serious problems. - Mar 2015

Not really although there have been reports of carjackings and thefts from homes - not the violent crime you hear about in Nairobi or Johannesburg. - Aug 2014

Lusaka is rated high for crime. Follow the RSO security directives and notices and you shouldn't have any problems. Worst cases are pick-pocket stories from the malls or not locking your car doors and someone stealing a purse at a traffic light. - Jan 2014

When driving, car doors should be locked and windows up. Don't show obvious wealth or leave items in plain site in a vehicle. Need I say lock doors at night? Twenty-four hour guards at homes are standard, and homes have alarm systems, too, at least within the embassy community. Walking at night is not advisable, anywhere, and certain areas of town (like anywhere else in the world) are probably best avoided altogether. Carjackings do occur. However I have never felt in danger and haven't had a personal expereince with crime (knock on wood). Use common sense and caution, as you would anywhere. - Apr 2013

we hear about the occassional car jacking and they do happen, but not with the regularity or violence of South Africa (at least right now). There are common snatch-purses downtown, and home burgerlies are a common concern, but most reasonable housing comes with security walls. - Jul 2010

Carjackings happen, but mostly Zambian on Zambian. Expats are generally exempt. Phones are regularly pinched, and you need to be cautious generally, as you would anywhere, and esp in a market. - Mar 2009

Lusaka is as safe as Africa can get. That being said, economic crimes are on the rise. - Mar 2009

Not really, just be smart. - Oct 2008

In the expat housing areas, crime is pretty low, but not non-existant. Mostly break-ins. Theft by staff is common. Dog poisoning is a common event - thieves planning to break into the yard will often kill the dogs first, so be sure to keep dogs inside at night if you love your pets. Also, thieves do watch to see if you are leaving home, and plan their break-ins for your absence - so house sitters are not a bad idea. Having said all that - we feel VERY safe here and often walk to parties after dark (of course, we don't take money with us...) - Aug 2008

Carjackings in Lusaka are not uncommon (although nothing compared to South Africa). Thieves don't hesitate to reach into an open car window if you're stopped at a light and leave something valuable open (but unlike South America, thieves don't routinely smash your windows to get at your possessions). In the expat areas of the city, women feel safe enough that they will go out running between sunrise and sunset without a second thought (although runners tend to try and stay off the busier streets given the absence of shoulders and sidewalks and the poor driving of many Zambians). If you exercise basic common sense, you can probably live here for two - three years without being a victim. - May 2008

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