What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are a number of international schools in Lusaka. We don't have school-age kids but my husband works at AISL and has been very happy with it. They have good facilities and lots of extracurriculars. - Feb 2018

AISL is the school that most of the embassy kids attend, and it seems to have more at the secondary level. Other embassies sometimes send their kids to ISL (International School Lusaka). My kids have acclimated well, 10 year old and 16 year old (older one is in IB Diploma).

I will say that the IB teachers at the 11th and 12th grade level seem to be really knowledgeable and competent. At the elementary and middle school level, it seems more difficult for the school to meet the needs of the more advanced kids. My younger son was only a little above average in Falls Church City, Virginia but here, he is the youngest the school sometimes seems about a semester behind the U.S.. We haven't been the only parents to experience this. The school has promised they have certain programs for advanced kids, then when they arrive, the school has nothing ready. It's been an ongoing process of staying on top of the school and the teachers. I give my son some extra work outside of school to keep him from getting behind. - Nov 2017

AISL is where nearly all American kids attend. ISL is decent, but much better for elementary school children (the secondary school is not as well-managed). LICS is very small. Baobab and Banani have decent reputations, but are pretty far out of town, on the southern and northern outskirts of Lusaka, respectively. There are tiny Swedish, Italian, French, and Chinese schools, too, but they tend to cater to mostly language study. - Jan 2017

AISL is the most popular. There is also ISL and LICS. My kids attend AISL, and the jury is still out on the level of learning that goes on. That school eems more geared to playing and building friendships. - Jun 2016

There are several international schools in town, but most embassy families send their children to the American International School of Lusaka. The school has a close-knit community and nice facilities. I have worked there as a substitute teacher as well as at the International School of Lusaka as a middle and high school teacher. While ISL has a great primary school, I wouldn't recommend it for secondary students as there is high turnover among the upper-level teachers. It is just difficult to predict what the quality of teaching will be like from year to year. - May 2016

There are a few schools - for ease my children are at AISL. The elementary schools is using the IB program and many American parents complain that their children aren't learning enough. I always wonder what those same parents would say if their children were strictly being taught to pass tests and not much critical thinking or creativity encouraged. That said, I wish the math curriculum was more rigorous and incorporated more rote learning. - Aug 2014

American International School of Lusaka...I've heard good and bad things. About the same things we hear about other schools in the world. I know they upset a number of embassy families by getting rid of their two/three-year old preschool program without consulting parents; they just made a decision and that was it. - Jan 2014

AIS, where my 3 kids are, is not at all American, in fact it is anti-American.there are no tests, no standards, no sense of transparency in anything the school does. Very sports-oriented and indifferent to academics. Poor preparation for older students; many teachers woefully unqualified.if you question anything or anyone there, you immediately are blacklisted by the school, and they become more uncooperative than ever. - Mar 2009

The American International School of Lusaka is a decent school for children in elementary school. Above that, you will really find a problem with the curriculum and lack of challenges for children and teens. People not accredited to teach IB are filling the teaching spots. The IB program is quite weak at AIS as well. All in all, this is not a school to bring older children. There is also another international school, ISL. - Mar 2009

International School of Lusaka has come a long way in the past two years. The American School is also popular. LICS offers the British National Curriculum and Baobab is distinctly South African/Zimbabwean. - Oct 2008

Most Americans (in the NGO and the embassy community) send their kids to the American International School of Lusaka (AISL) from kindergarten on. However, many embassy Americans send their kids to preschool and pre-K at the International School of Lusaka (ISL) because ISL's fees are significantly lower than AISL and the Embassy doesn't pay for education before kindergarten. ISL tends to be very popular with Indian families that have been resident in Lusaka for years -- while it's true that many of the brightest kids at ISL obtain spots in very competitive US and other international universities, I think most American parents would find AISL's facilities, staff, and resources better than ISL's. LICS has a devoted following because of its community-oriented approach to early education -- unfortunately, it is not conveniently located for most of the American expat community. - May 2008

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