What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Kid-friendly, relatively safe, great travel opportunities. - Feb 2018

For 6 months out of the year, the weather is pretty nice without too many bug issues. The people are very polite. - Nov 2017

Weather, closeness of the community, and bird-watching. - Jan 2017

You can find almost anything you want, and it is easy to get around. - Jun 2016

The weather is nice most of the year, with one rainy season lasting from November/December to April. The rainy season is not like a monsoon, but more like Florida thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon for an hour or two. Another advantage is qualifying for the local rates at safari lodges and in national parks. This can make the occasional safari affordable enough for families. The housing is also a nice advantage: mostly stand-alone homes with pools. Avocados everywhere! We even have two trees in our yard. - May 2016

The Victoria Falls. South Luangwa, North Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi National Parks for safaris, the gorgeous peaceful rivers (the Zambezi and Kafue) which compel you to fish, canoe and go on sunset cruises. Camping in the national parks with nothing but nylon between you and all those loud and more-terrifying-at-night animals. How incredibly beautiful the natural world is in Zambia and how you can feel like you are the only person for miles around when you are out in the bush. Zambia doesn't have the safari destination name some other African countries do but that doesn't mean you will have a lesser experience. In fact, the lack of crowds and the intimate bush lodges will spoil you for anything else. Lots of people travel to Zanzibar, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and other "regional" cool vacation spots. - Mar 2015

Weather. - Aug 2014

It is quite easy to save money but it might take going to a few grocery stores for different items. Restaurants are very good and about on par with Washington DC. Being able to go on safaris as residents of the country makes it so cheap. We have gone on a number of 3-day safaris that cost less than US1,000 total for all. - Jan 2014

Lusaka is a pleasant smaller city with great weather and plenty of restaurants and shopping available. But by far the most wonderful aspect of living here is the relative ease with which one can get out into the bush. While travel can be expensive, sometimes ridiculously so, the truly transcendant experiences of open-vehicle game drives, walking safaris with well-informed guides, and sleeping (or not!) in tents with elephants walking by and lions grumbling in the distance is wonderful beyond belief. Hearing a hyena manically laughing while you sit at a fire and wonder how far away they actually are is one of those ultimate experiences that make travel so worthwhile. - Apr 2013

The weather in Lusaka is spectacular, its like a sweet June day most of the year with lots of sunshine. Never to hot, rarely too chilly. The outdoor activities are many - with world class safari opportunities, great hiking and camping, superb fishing. Touring other neighboring nations is also great, with Namibia's dunes and Botswana's Okavango delta within driving distance, as are the beaches of Mozambique. And of course, Victoria Falls! - Jul 2010

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