What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

High clearance. Toyotas are easy to get fixed. Don't bring anything fancy. - Feb 2018

We have a small SUV, but if you are planning to drive out in the bush yourself, a Toyota Prado or something similar is probably best. I have not heard of any burglaries. - Nov 2017

A high-clearance SUV is a must for traveling outside Lusaka, where roads can be particularly bad. We have a Honda CR-V and a Corolla, the latter of which is adequate for jetting around Lusaka. Please speak with the RSO about vehicle and other crime, which exists at somewhat high levels and can affect foreigners. The vast majority of Mission Americans, however, have avoided issues by using common sense defensive driving techniques and avoiding night driving outside town and late at night within Lusaka. - Jan 2017

A high-clearance vehicle is best, but you can get around with a small car. I drive a Corolla. Most of the roads are paved. Some dirt roads might be an issue when it rains. - Jun 2016

Small SUVs tend to be the best due to poor roads, especially if you plan to self-drive in the national parks. There also many tall speed bumps around town, so anything with a low clearance might have difficulties. That being said, try to avoid large SUVs because parking spots are tight. - May 2016

Any type of vehicle will work in Lusaka despite potholes and speed bumps, but if you plan on going out of town many roads are dirt and especially during the rainy season more difficult to navigate. - Mar 2015

Any type although most people have SUVs. - Aug 2014

SUV for city and outside city 4x4 is necessary for bush driving. - Jan 2014

Driving is on the left (opposite) side of the road, so an automobile brought from the US will be more difficult to drive. Vehicles with higher clearances are advisable, as even in town there are dirt roads with very large potholes, as well as paved roads with more dirt than macadam. If you plan to explore the country at al,l you should bring a 4-wheel drive. Parts may be available, but expensive, for most vehicles, although you may have to wait for parts to be brought into the country from elsewhere. - Apr 2013

Good to have a 4-wheel, so that you can go exploring - but not needed in town for going to work. No need to bring one, there are decent values on the local market and it's drive from the right seat on the left side. Nissan and Toyota are the easiest to get parts for and to repair. American car parts are unavailable locally. If you have access to a newsletter prior to your arrival, you should consider buying an inexpensive mode of transport prior to your arrival if you're planning to get a vehicle shipped from Japan, because this can take 6 months. That said, there are good deals to be had going that route. Car jackings don't seem to be based on the type of car, although toyota camry style cars do seem to be popular - car jackings just aren't THAT common. - Jul 2010

You need a SUV--even in Lusaka. There are many roads that are unpaved or so damaged that you will seriously damage a sedan. - Mar 2009

Some of the roads are poor and have potholes, especially outside of Lusaka. There is no reason to have an SUV inside Lusaka unless yo want it. For traveling outside Lusaka, and SUV is necessary. - Mar 2009

Toyotas are populuar. In town you can use anything. In the bush get an SUV. - Oct 2008

You'll want something that can travel on rough gravel roads and maybe off roads. Japanese made vehicles are the easiest to repair here, but parts availability isn't as bad as some other countries. There are some car jackings - seems like the latest tasty morsel is the new Toyota Land Cruiser. You have to get a newer model if you want airbags, and many new cars do not come with them here. - Aug 2008

If you want to do any traveling, I'd recommend buying a diesel 4x4 equipped with an expedition roofrack. If you can, invest in a vehicle with an auxillary fuel tank as gas and diesel prices are significantly higher in the provinces than in Lusaka. Outside the major cities, it is far easier to get diesel than gasoline. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi are all very popular. You can import left-hand drive vehicles. - May 2008

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