What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

A surprising number! Korean, Thai, Indian, Chinese, brick oven pizza, and a few places that serve nice salads and continental dishes. We miss deli sandwiches and good ice cream. - Feb 2018

Fast food: KFC, Pizza Hut, and some South African chains. There are a few good restaurants here, but nothing really spectacular. - Nov 2017

Indian restaurants are very good here and there are quite a number of them, including in the areas in which Embassy families reside. Chinese, Korean, and Thai restaurants also exist, but are of varying quality. There are a few continental places, as well, but they tend to be pretty pricey. Service can be slow and inefficient, but the food is generally good. - Jan 2017

There are lots of restaurants here, and although they are slow, there is delivery. There's a Pizza Hut, a Hungry Lion (something like KFC), there's a real KFC, Fishaways (something like Captain D's), Nando's (similar to Boston Market), and plenty of nice sit-down restaurants to choose from. Loads of steakhouses, Chinese, and Italian options, too. There's even sushi. And the coffee here is amazing. Practically every store has a cappuccino machine. The hotels also serve breakfast and dinner --- a little pricey, but really nice ambiance, and the food is good. - Jun 2016

Pizza Hut, KFC, Nandos Peri-Peri. There are also quite a few good Indian and Chinese restaurants in town given the sizes of those two expatriate communities. You can also find good Ethiopian and Thai. Prices are comparable with those of similar restaurants in the U.S. If you want local food, it will be steak with nshima (similar to thick grits) or grilled chicken. - May 2016

Pizza Hut just opened! Every other pizza place in town is wood-fired thin crust or very mediocre South African chains so this is kind of a big deal. Subway is here too, although I have never been. There are also other South African fast food joints: Wimpy, Nandos, Fishaways, etc., and several independent restaurants of every variety. The restaurant options are many but only a few are standouts. There are excellent Indian and Thai restaurants, some really good steak places, a fusion/fresh/organic restaurant that's good (but lacking in ambience) and a few other restaurants that are a notch above good but Lusaka is not a town for great dining. - Mar 2015

South African Fast food chains, a KFC, Subway. There are some okay restaurants - not a single spectacular one and prices can range from US$4 for a chicken schwarma to US$7 for fish and chips to US$20 for trout and couscous. - Aug 2014

One of the best Thai restaurants. Great steak houses and wonderful Indian food. - Jan 2014

The only American fast food is Subway, but I can't speak to it as I haven't been. South African fast food like Nando's chicken, Pizza Inn, Steers, etc., are here. I've had Pizza Inn and it was awful, I haven't tried other fast food. There are very many restaurants available serving almost every cuisine: Mediterranean, Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, European, Chinese, Fusion, Steaks, etc. etc. Almost all the Indian restaurants are very good, and one steak place is excellent, as well as a modern American restaurant (albeit pricey). The Thai restaurant is very good too, and one or two fusion restaurants, but for the most part the food tends towards bland/mediocre and ambiance is lacking. Still, we haven't fallen ill, so the food must be prepared well, and nothing has been truly awful. Restaurants are pretty pricey, at least what one would pay in the US and often more. - Apr 2013

Subway is the only familiar American brand, but there are the South African chains of pizza, burgers and chicken that are all decent but a bit higher priced than American fast food, and it's not fast. No drive through - it can take about 15 minutes to get your take-away or even longer. - Jul 2010

Very little fast food; most restaurants are expensive and quality is unreliable, so most expat families can't affort to eat out. - Mar 2009

There is a burger place and a few pizza places. No Western fast food places, though. - Mar 2009

Some good places, many expensive places. - Oct 2008

Restaurants here are disappointing if you're a gourmet, but there are plenty of places. - Aug 2008

Dining options are limited and expensive. There are a variety of South African fast food chains, a handful of decent Indian restaurants, about the same number but slightly lower quality Chinese restaurants, and a variety of other local restaurants. Dinner for 4 (without drinks) at one of the Indian restaurants runs about US$100. - May 2008

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