What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

We ship paper towels because we can't seem to find ones here that don't disintegrate as soon as you touch them. - Feb 2018

I order so much more through Amazon than I have ever done at any other post. As my kids and husband really enjoy cereal, I wished I had shipped more varieties of cereal from Trader Joes, maple syrup and peanut butter (although, I manage to get the syrup and peanut butter through the DPO). - Nov 2017

Between the commissary, DPO, and local market, we haven't really needed much else. - Jan 2017

Nothing really, I've been able to get almost everything I've needed and can order from the States when necessary. Packages come rather quickly to the DPO. - Jun 2016

Since we have DPO and many items available in the commissary or on the local market, I can't think of anything other than certain kinds of produce we can't get. - May 2016

Olive oil, soy sauce, nut butters. - Aug 2014

Surge protectors, electricity surges a lot. - Jan 2014

I recommend shipping anything to do with camping, outdoor furniture, sunblock, all shoes/clothing, gifts for children's birthday parties, holiday supplies/wrapping paper. Bring a TV and other electronic devices with you for sure, as they are very very pricey here. Sun hats and sunglasses, too. - Apr 2013

Camping gear (which we did bring) is highly recommended! Most everything is available here though. - Jul 2010

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, books and stationery supplies, anything your kids need; we joke it's like the old days in the USSR, when you can't find an item for months on end, then suddenly it appears and you need to buy a gross to prevent it from happening again... - Mar 2009

A few more sweaters and specific foods that we like - Mar 2009

Most things are available, just expensive due to the high duties and VAT. - Oct 2008

Pet food. Locally available tends to either be limited to Pedigree and Alpo of indeterminant age, or a locally available vet line that is good but expensive. Bring your camping gear and fishing gear. canned salmon. good rechargable batteries. Bring koolaid and splenda if you drink diet, because there's almost no diet soda. Good ground coffee. flavored creamer. Books. - Aug 2008

By and large, we shipped in what we needed. Kids' presents are expensive and poor quality, so we would ship in more of those. We've had to order a variety of camping gear (local prices are high and quality is not comparable to the gear we're used to in the U.S.). - May 2008

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