Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes, a lot of our friends' kids are on sports teams or participate in various activities. - Feb 2018

Several within the schools. - Nov 2017

Cross-fit is growing here. There are local soccer, running, rugby, and a few other sports clubs. Tennis lessons are pretty easy to find. AISL is usually the locus for kids' sporting activities. - Jan 2017

Yes. There is swimming at the Italian school, tennis at the sports center, soccer, horseback riding. You name, it it's here. - Jun 2016

Soccer, swimming, horseback riding, basketball, volleyball. - May 2016

Yes through the school and outside - soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball. - Aug 2014

Yes, many. - Jan 2014

Yes - particularly, but not exclusively, through the school. Great horseback riding lessons. Good swimming. - Jul 2010

Big sports emphasis at AIS; also various independent leagues in town you will hear about. - Mar 2009

There are a few programs available, though not a good variety and not well-organized. Again, if you have older children, this is not the place to come for opportunities for them. - Mar 2009

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