What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The CrossFit gym is very popular and there's also a few other gym facilities. You can find yoga around town a few days a week. Similar to US prices. - Feb 2018

The embassy has a very good gym as does the international school. There are others available around town, but I do not know their rates. - Nov 2017

The (free) NEC has a small gym with cardio equipment, weights, machines, and yoga materials. CDC has a very small gym. There are local gyms - including at least one cross-fit studio - but they are on the expensive end, locally. A few folks run, as well (CLO has more information about that, as it's rewarding, but requires caution). - Jan 2017

There is a nice gym at the Embassy. It's small but adequate. There are also other gyms around town that are bigger but I understand they are expensive. Some hotels offer the use of their gyms for a fee, and those seem to be a little cheaper. - Jun 2016

Gyms are available (not sure of the cost) as well as tennis and golf clubs. The embassy has a very nice gym that is free to use if you are affiliated with the U.S. mission. - May 2016

Yes - cost varies and there is even a Cross-fit group and a former Olympian that runs multi-week boot camps. - Aug 2014

Yes - there is one very nice public gym out by the school. The Embassy has a small but nice gym. - Jan 2014

Yes. Not a lot of selection, but availalbe. - Apr 2013

Yes - decent ones recently opened. - Jul 2010

Nominal. - Mar 2009

Very few. - Mar 2009

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