What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Three seasons: cool dry, hot dry, and rainy season. It doesn't rain from May to October. Not one drop. The hottest season temps are in the 90s and during the coolest months you'll find highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. - Feb 2018

October is the hottest, driest month-Rains usually go from mid-November to March, Coolest months-April-July - Nov 2017

No extremes in Zambian weather! Temps are usually 60-75F during the day and 40-55F at night May through early August (cold season); 85-95F during the day and 65-75F at night late August through early November (hot/dry season); and 70-85F during the day and 60-65 at night mid-November through April (rainy season). As you might have guessed, it rains during rainy season, but usually only a few downpours a day, punctuated by sun. There can be more severe thunderstorms during late rainy season (Jan-April). It rarely rains outside the rainy season. - Jan 2017

Hot during the summer and chilly at night during the African winter (June through September). - Jun 2016

The climate is fairly temperate ranging from 40s-70s F during the Northern Hemisphere summer and 60-90s during the rest of the year. - May 2016

Really nice weather. Lusaka is fairly high at 4,200 ft. so it doesn't get too awfully hot. Winter weather never gets to the freezing point or even near to frost. The rainy season lasts from November to March, but it seldom rains too intensely and generally not daily. Most days are really nice and weather seldom is a factor to consider when making plans. Travel outside of Lusaka will typically be to lower lying areas though, and it will be significantly hotter. - Mar 2015

In May it starts getting cool and in June and July it is maybe 70s F during the day and 40s F at night. August is windy and the temperature ranges from 50-80F maybe, September it warms up, October is super hot, November the rain comes and lasts until March/April with 80s F for highs and 70s F for lows. - Aug 2014

Best weather year round that I have ever experienced. It stays between 80-85F degrees almost year round. One of the biggest things I'm going to miss about Lusaka. - Jan 2014

The climate is mild due to elevation (4200ft) and latitude. Winter, which is June and July, can be very chilly at night, but it generally warms up during the day. September through November can be hot. The rainy season is from late November into April, and during that time it is green and pretty. It seldom rains all day, more likely storms are just passing through. Overall, the weather is so good one rarely makes note of it because it is pleasant and reliably sunny. - Apr 2013

Beautiful weather. Can't say enough great things about it. Winter months (May-Sept) are cool at night (mid-50's) and mostly sunny during the day (high's in the 70's). The hottest it gets in Lusaka is in October, when it may hit the high 80's and an occassional 90's day. Rains start in November and keep the place a bit cooler, and it rains through April. Outside the city it tends to be warmer in most places, as Lusaka is about 1000 feet higher in altitude than most other destinations. - Jul 2010

Five months of rain, seven months dry; climate is pleasant for the most part. - Mar 2009

There is a long rainy season where rains tend to happen in the late afternoon. June-August is very chilly. September to December is very warm. - Mar 2009

Warm, hot, moist. Weather is generally excellent year-round. - Oct 2008

Wet season lasts about 5 months, dry season about 7. Its always about 75-85F day/55-75F night here in Lusaka, but it can occassionally be quite chilly at night. Rainy season isn't the deluge that monsoon is elsewhere, but it will make dirt roads into the safari parks impassable - Aug 2008

Rainy season runs from December to March -- this year, the rains seemed to last 5-10 days in a row. - May 2008

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