Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Not a ton of shopping but there are nice handicrafts including baskets, masks, etc. Also great for buying "chitenge" fabric. - Feb 2018

It really depends on your preferences: some women here really like the local, chitenge fabric (very colorful but a bit busy for me), lots of carved wood animals, etc... Not really my kind of stuff, but art is always subjective. - Nov 2017

There are some general African crafts available, but unfortunately many are imported from DRC, Tanzania, and Zim. Local artists, however, have reformed some of these products - like colorful chitenge cloth - into fun new styles and are worth supporting. Masks are everywhere, but of dubious provenance. Cool if you like them, but don't expect anything unique or old.

You must bargain for some things, but don't be too stingy! - Jan 2017

Some crafts at the market are nice, but if you've seen one you've seen them all. - Jun 2016

Mud cloths, baskets, "chitenge" fabric, and other local curios. - May 2016

African handicrafts of all types, although I believe much of it actually isn't local at all but instead brought in from several other countries. - Mar 2015

Purses made from plastic bags. - Aug 2014

Same African stuff you get all over the continent. There's good wood patio furniture (bush style) and nice wood/charcoal bbq's or braii's. - Jan 2014

I'm so-so about local handicrafts. What I see seems very much like what is everywhere else in the region. Prices seem much higher, too, than in Zimbabwe or South Africa. I don't get a sense that distinct Zambian handicrafts have developed. - Apr 2013

Nothing really jumps out - but you can get nice congolese fabrics. - Jul 2010

Typical African tchokas. - Mar 2009

Typical African items. - Mar 2009

Wood products. - Oct 2008

Not much really - not the craft culture that West Africa was. You can get some things from Congo at the monthly craft fair, but there's really not much that's unique. You might spend it on locally made artisan cheese from one dairy though! - Aug 2008

Zambia doesn't appear to have much indigenous crafts -- most of the crafts on sale here are actually made in Zimbabwe. - May 2008

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